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Hamlet Poem

Souls who rest in peace

Must let their sins be released

For though blood shall be shed

 The wholly will not be fed 

The sins of families with be broken

And not a day shall pass can it be spoken

Love will make us feel sorrow

For sorrow is all love can give for its morrow

Voices shall reveal the truth

Of the death after its youth

Prince shall not be king

For pain is a stronger thing

Let not be afraid of death

But embrace it when we left

Rest in peace young prince

For your soul shall see peace in heavens mist.

Memmories of a Friend

Dedicated to Manpreet

"For every day that pass by, there isn't a day when i'd cry

When Alone and scared, There was no one who cared

But I remebered the saying, while you were praying

'" when i'd hear your voice, my heart beat in joice

By entrusting you with my fears, i felt nothing but cheers

Thankful to met You, hope to god i never forget You"'

I miss the days we speak, for those days made me weep

I can never forget those days, for your love is my ways

 I'll always remember your face, it'll remind me of your embrace"

My love for you

 Nights I wonder, and days I cry

To wait for you to come out alive

 I sleep with fear and wake with sweat

To know that the nightmares are still set

 I write this poem to let you know

That I stay strong as it goes

 Iím scared for you for what it means

For The hospital is a scary thing

 You kept me smiling when Iím down

Even when itís impossible to keep a frown

 You encourage me to be proud

Even though I talk too loud

 You made me see what I never saw

Which had me smiling into a draw

Although I was wrong and we had fought

It had only made us closer near the lot

Now you lie in a hospital where it is unknown

And itís hard not to cry when Iím on my own

 So if you read this poem and hear all my thoughts

Just know youíre my friend and I love you very much 



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