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Rola G rap 3




Nothing more

Verse 1

It's been a year since I'v seen you

and yet I can't get you out of my head

The fear is now beneath you

But the hate has not yet shed

I know it's in thepast

I know it's gone by fast

But my heart hurts from where it lasts

The Pleading with no mistake

was something you tried to make


Bridge 1

I don't know how can you do this to me

I had had shown you love and now you are free

So when you pleaded there was no truth in your eyes

I have nothing more to say so just go on now bye


Verse 2

I had cried myself to sleep, The feeling is still to deep

From when you abandoned me, you tried to have me erased.

The you asked for forgiveness

Without an ounce of sincereness

I hust turned you away

for it's your turn to pay


Bridge 2

So now you know what you have done to me

And yet you still don' tcare that I am now free

Still You pleaded and I looked in your eyes

You have nothing more so do not waste my time




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